Jungle-clearance from Rye Field Gardening

Rye Field Gardening

Has it been a while since your garden has seen any love ?

There are many reasons why our garden can become overgrown or get a little out of hand.

Work commitments, illness, broken garden equipment or even bad weather.

It doesn’t take long during the summer months for your garden to look like this ….

Combine a warm spell followed by a week of heavy rain in the summer months, this will see lawns, hedges, trees and shrubs burst into life.

Rye Field Gardening have the knowledge, equipment and dedicated staff that will transform your garden back to its original splendour.

Contact the garden professionals, simply send a text starting with the word ‘Quote’ to 07814837349 we will arrange a convenient time to drop in and leave you with a non obligatory free quotation.

Use our submission form to gain a speedy quotation too….

How about arranging some gardening for someone you love ?

If you have a friend or relative that struggles to keep on top of their garden why not give them a surprise ? We are here to help.

Rye-Field Gardening

Jungle clearance and restoration in the following areas ~

Brighton & Hove




Tunbridge Wells


Bexhill on Sea


Get the most from your garden this summer, call us now for a non obligatory meeting with our expert Daniel.

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